Apply for a tax benefit by using your property for urban agriculture

Get a tax benefit from the City if your property benefits the community through urban agriculture.

What to do

To participate in the Urban Agriculture Incentive Program, you must show that your property will benefit the larger community by:

  • Production, distribution, or sales
  • Open house days
  • Educational tours
  • Other public programs

Your property must:

  • Allow for agricultural uses (read Planning Code Section 102 for more information)
  • Be between 0.10 and 3 acres (4356 and 130,680 sq ft)
  • Not include any dwelling units
  • Include only agricultural structures like tool sheds, greenhouses, produce stands, or educational space

Learn more about the specific requirements before you get started with the application packet.

1. Get a Certificate of Eligibility

Gather your site plan (if applicable) and photos of the site and existing structures (exterior and interior). Bring them to:

Planning Information Center

1660 Mission St, Ground Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Mon to Tue, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wed, 10:15 am to 5:00 pm

Thu to Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

View location on google maps

If needed, get a change of use permit or Conditional Use Authorization for urban agriculture use at the site.

2. Submit your application

Fill out the application packet and include supporting documents:

  • The Certificate of Eligibility
  • A copy of the change of use permit or a copy of the Planning Commission Motion approving a Conditional Use Authorization (if applicable)
  • A completed (but unsigned) Contract
  • Site plans (if you have them) illustrating the current and future agriculture uses on the site
  • Photos of the site, including photos of the exterior and interior of any existing structures.
  • Letter of authorization, if the applicant is not the property owner.

Email your application to:

You can also mail or drop off your materials in person to:

Department of Public Health

Health Environmental Branch
Agriculture Program
1390 Market Street
Ste. 210
San Francisco, CA 94102
View location on google maps

3. Get your tax reduction rate

We will calculate your property’s tax reduction rate within 30 days.

4. Sign the contract

If you agree to the tax reduction rate, sign the contact. Make sure the Agricultural Commissioner, Assessor-Recorder, City Attorney also sign the contract.

5. Submit the contract and pay any fees

Pay any fees to the Office of the Assessor-Recorder City Hall, Room 190 1 Carlton B Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA, 94102 

You will receive a copy of the recorded contract through mail. You have 30 days to start agricultural activity.

You need to submit by December 31 to get your tax reduction for the next fiscal year.

6. Get your property inspected

We will inspect your property within 90 days. We will do additional inspections each year.

Special cases

If there is a large tax benefit

If there is a large tax benefit

You might be asked to have a hearing if:

  • There will be a tax revenue cut of more than $25,000 a year or more than $125,000 for the contract term
  • The contract covers connecting parcels with 5 or more acres
  • There will be a combined tax revenue of more than $250,000 a year for all properties

If you need to cancel your contract

If you need to cancel your contract

You will need to pay additional property taxes to make up the difference of the reduction plus interest.

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Last updated April 10, 2024