You’ve tested positive for COVID-19

What to do

If you feel sick

  1. Start medicine within 5 days of feeling sick. Medicine can stop the illness from getting serious. COVID-19 medicine is recommended for most adults and some teens.
  2. Stay home until you feel better and have not had a fever for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication.
  3. When you go back to your normal activities, take added precaution over the next 5 days. This includes taking steps for cleaner airhand washing, covering your mouth to cough or sneeze, masksphysical distancing, and testing when you will be around other people indoors.


Learn more about preventing spread when you are sick

Learn more from the CDC.

Learn about recommendations for high-risk settings

Learn about recommendations for high-risk settings


Staff in healthcare settings should follow the recommendations in AFL 21-08.9.

Non-healthcare settings at higher risk for COVID-19 transmission and outbreaks (e.g. residential, adult, and senior care facilities, shelters, and jails) may continue to implement additional requirements that are more protective than the guidance for the general public.

Last updated May 30, 2024