Get tested and treated for COVID-19

If you feel sick, test right away. If you test positive, start medicine to prevent serious illness.

What to do

Get medicine if a test is positive

If you test positive, act quickly to get medicine to prevent getting the illness from becoming serious.

COVID-19 medicine is recommended for most adults and some teens.

If you test negative and you are still feeling sick, test again in 1-2 days. People at higher risk for severe COVID-19 should contact their health care provider if they still feel sick, even if they continue to test negative. This way the provider can help decide if more evaluation is needed.

If you do not have insurance

Get a free doctor visit by phone or online with the national Home Test to Treat telehealth service.

You may be able to get the medicine for free by using a patient assistance program. Find out more.

If you have Medi-Cal

The medicine is free for Medi-Cal members.

Medi-Cal members have free phone visits with a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get treatment by phone.

If you have other insurance

Contact your healthcare provider and ask for the medicine.

Insurance covers the medicine. Find out more.

Get COVID-19 at-home tests

Your insurance may provide you with free at-home tests. Medi-Cal covers up to 8 free tests each month. Find out more.

You can also buy at-home tests at stores and pharmacies.

You may be able to use at-home tests after their expiration date

You may be able to use at-home tests after their expiration date


Most at-home tests can be safely used past the date on the box. Find out if the FDA has extended the expiration date for your at-home tests.

If you have to, you can use an expired test until you can get new ones, as long as the control line is working. See your test instructions for details about the control line.

Get help

Get Medi-Cal

You qualify for Medi-Cal if you earn under $20,783 per year. You qualify regardless of immigration status.

Apply for Medi-Cal

Last updated May 30, 2024