Providing healthcare at Permanent Supportive Housing sites

PHACS is a team of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals who provide care at PSH sites. We partner with the community-based organizations that run the sites. Our goal is to increase residents’ quality of life and housing retention by stabilizing their health and connecting them to ongoing care.


PHACS team member taking resident's blood pressure

Why is there a PHACS team?

  • To meet the complex healthcare needs of residents in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH).
  • To support the health and wellness of PSH residents, which leads to housing retention.
  • To be a healthcare partner to the HSH contracted on-site community-based organizations that manage PSH sites.
PHACS team members arrive at a PSH site

What does the PHACS team do?

As a multidisciplinary team of behavioral health clinicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and health workers, we provide:

  • Non-urgent, short-term direct care for PSH residents;
  • Consultation, coaching and training for the CBO staff on-site
  • Connection and linkage to long-term, ongoing support; and
  • Care coordination and Enhanced Care Management (ECM) services.
PHACS team members knocking to visit a PSH resident

How do PSH residents get PHACS?

  • PSH residents interested in PHACS should contact their on-site support services staff for direct referral to PHACS.
  • PHACS is expanding services to encompass the Department of Homelessness's (HSH) 150+ PSH buildings that house more than 11,000 residents.
PHACS team
Members of the PHACS team pose for a photo


PHACS Leadership

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