Close Juvenile Hall Working Group documents

Documents related to the Close Juvenile Hall Working Group.

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December 2019

Closure timeline v. 1


February 2020

CJHWG Organizational Chart February 19

June 2020

Subcommittee matrix 

July 2020

JUV Organizational Chart

Needs assessment and data full report

Needs assessment and data slideshow

August 2020

10-30-2019 Juvenile Hall Programs

2018-2019 DCYF funded Justice Involved Programs

September 2020

Juvenile Systems FAQ

Systems Involved Youth Survey


October 2020

SFDPH Behavioral Health Services Presentation

CJHWG Norms & Values Presentation

November 2020

1055 Pine Schematic

Listening Session Questions v. 3

JPD Stats 11-19 thru 8-20

December 2020

2021 Subcommittees

Board of State and Community Corrections Presentation

JPD Stats 11-19 thru 8-20

January 2021

Juvenile Hall Count -November 2020

Expand Community Alternatives Subcommittee Notes

Legislation file

Reinvestment and Policy Subcommittee Report

Midcourse changes