Justice services

DCYF-funded programs for young people involved in the criminal justice system

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About justice services

The Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) funds 8 types of programs that help young people involved in the justice system.

  • Community assessment and referral center (CARC)
  • Justice services care coordinators
  • Credible messenger life coaches
  • Custody-based services
  • Whole family support
  • Out-of-home placement
  • Young adult court case management
  • School crisis support

Total funding for justice services: $12,724,800.

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Community assessment and referral center (CARC)

When young people first enter the criminal justice system, they go to the community assessment and referral center (CARC). After CARC learns the young person's needs, it connects them to a justice services care coordinator.

Total funding for CARC: $1,500,000.

CARC is run by Huckleberry Youth Programs.

Justice services care coordinators

These programs provide case management to young people in the justice system. Coordinators may connect young people to life coaches or other services.

Total funding for justice services care coordinators: $3,592,300.


Credible messenger life coaches

These programs connect young people in the justice system with adults who come from the same background and speak the same language. Life coaches support young people on every step of their path out of the justice system.

Total funding for credible messenger life coaches: $1,400,000.


Custody-based services

Programs for young people at Juvenile Hall (the Juvenile Justice Center) or SF County Jail, including:

  • School support
  • Job training
  • Restorative justice
  • Life skills
  • Sports

Total funding for custody-based services: $2,032,500.


Whole family support

Programs that support families of people in the criminal justice system, including:

  • Families and caregivers of young people in the justice system
  • Young parents in the justice system
  • Children whose parents or caregivers are in the justice system

Total funding for whole family support: $300,000.


Out-of-home placement

Programs for young people in the justice system who cannot return home by court order. Rather than locked detention, these programs provide home-like places for young people to live.

Total funding for out-of-home placement: $800,000.


Young adult court case management

A program which provides case management to young adults age 18 to 24 instead of sending them to SF County Jail.

Total funding for young adult court case management: $1,300,000.

Young adult court is run by the Felton Institute.

School crisis support

A program to prevent violence in San Francisco public schools.

Learn more about school crisis support.

Total funding for school crisis support: $1,800,000.


Last updated June 17, 2024