Educational supports

DCYF-funded programs that help with school, reading, and getting ready for college

A teacher showing a piece of paper with the letters of the alphabet to a group of young children.

About educational supports

The Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) funds 4 types of programs that help with school, reading, and getting ready for college.

  • Academic supports
  • Alternative education
  • Literacy supports
  • Summer transitions

Total funding for educational supports: $8,321,000.

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Academic Supports

Programs that help students who are falling behind in school. They help students:

  • Pass their classes in core subjects
  • Finish high school
  • Be ready for the next level of school

Total funding for academic supports: $3,296,000.


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Alternative education

High schools with more hands-on support for students who struggle in traditional schools. They help students:

  • Get back in school after dropping out
  • Get their high school diploma or GED

Total funding for alternative education: $2,700,000.


Literacy supports

Programs that help students learn to read. They help:

  • Students in grades K to 5 who are falling behind on reading
  • Students for whom English is not their first language

Total funding for literacy supports: $1,450,000.


Summer transitions

Programs that help SFUSD students with school over the summer. This includes:

  • Students in SFUSD summer school
  • Students who struggled in eighth grade going to high school

Total funding for summer transitions: $875,000.


Last updated June 17, 2024