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What to do

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Removing for infrastructure or construction work

All Shared Spaces operators are responsible for providing and maintaining access to the city’s infrastructures (including, but not limited to: utility poles, gas valves, manhole covers, wastewater systems, fire hydrants, cisterns and catch basins).This can include the temporary or permanent removal and/or storage of any structure(s) inhibiting access to these facilities. 

Shared Spaces is committed to working with businesses to minimize disruptions when feasible. But a condition of a Shared Spaces permit gives the City the authority to require businesses to remove the parklet temporarily or permanently to allow for needed streetscape improvements, utility work, infrastructure improvements, street redesign, or emergency repairs. 

Displacement may occur via following: 

  • PG&E Improvements 

  • PUC Improvements  

  • PW Projects  

  • SFMTA 

  • Emergency access  

  • Permitted construction that conflicts with Shared Spaces in Public Right of Way 

The City is not responsible for any costs that may occur due to construction 

Public safety emergencies

You may need to remove your Shared Space for a public safety emergency, like repair of a gas line. Your Shared Space may be also be damaged during the course of emergency response.

The City is not responsible for any costs that may occur due to construction.

Failure to maintain

You may receive notices of violation and fines if you do not maintain a clean, safe, and accessible parklet or sidewalk space. You may be required to remove the Shared Space at your own expense.

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Last updated November 7, 2023