Check water use rules

If your project uses water in certain ways, you have to follow our rules. Check this list.

What to do

If any of these apply to your project, download and fill out the SFPUC Checklist.

You will upload it with your building permit application or bring it to your appointment.

Check this list.

Project size

  • Total construction cost more than $20,000 for a single-family home or 2-unit residence
  • Total construction cost more than $150,000 to a commercial property
  • Include 40,000 square feet or more of new construction or major alterations to a building
  • Increase in commercial property floor space by more than 10%
  • New construction of a multi-family residential structure or mixed-use residential and commercial structure


  • Disturb 5,000 square feet or more of surface area
  • Create water runoff from construction activities such as dewatering, pumped groundwater, or potential release of sediment, debris, and pollutants into the storm drain
  • Activities beyond the construction site such as off-site staging
  • Includes a restaurant or food service establishment


  • Create or change more than 500 square feet of a landscape area
  • Create or replace more than 2,500 square feet of impervious surface
  • Include more than 10,000 square feet of new or existing landscape area

Sewer connection

Construction of a new sewer lateral, repair to or replacement of an existing sewer lateral, a change in water meter size, a redevelopment or a new development


  • A new fire sprinkler system or a new or relocated fire hydrant
  • On-site alternate water supplies (like rainwater or graywater) for non-potable use like toilet flushing, irrigation, or other approved uses
  • Water use for dust control and soil compaction

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Last updated September 25, 2020