Income limits and sales price levels for MOHCD homeownership programs

April 30, 2024

Income limits and sales prices across MOHCD homeownership programs vary.

2024 limits effective April 30, 2024

Inclusionary Affordable Housing Ownership Program

OCII Limited Equity Program (LEP) Ownership Program

Condo Conversion Below Market Rate Program

City Second Program and Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP)

Housing Rehabilitation and Lead Programs

Sampling of common area median income percentages and household sizes for 2024:

Household SizeOneTwoThreeFour
60% AMI$62,950$71,950$80,900$89,900
80% AMI$83,900$95,900$107,900$119,900
100% AMI$104,900$119,900$134,850$149,850
120% AMI$125,900$143,900$161,800$179,800
175% AMI$183,600$209,850$236,000$262,250
200% AMI$209,800$239,800$269,700$299,700

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