Displaced Worker Protections Ordinance

Requires certain successor contractors and subcontractors to retain covered employees for at least 90 days after the termination of a covered service contract and places notification requirements on the awarding authority and terminated contractor.

The Displaced Worker Protection Ordinance (DWPO) requires qualifying Awarding Authorities and Contractors to:

  1. Share information regarding current employees to facilitate retention requirements within a certain timeframe upon termination of a contract; and
  2. Retain employees for 90 days pursuant to the express guidelines.

The operative date of the amended DWPO is May 22, 2023.  As of the operative date, OLSE may issue determinations and impose administrative penalties.

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If you have questions about the Displaced Worker Protection Ordinance or wish to report a violation of the law, call Phone: 415-554-4740 or email DWPO@sfgov.org.

Last updated March 19, 2024