Asset management resources for multifamily rental housing

Documents and forms related to the monitoring of MOHCD-supported multifamily rental housing projects


The Asset Management Team at MOHCD oversees and monitors the operation and financial performance of the affordable, multifamily rental housing projects that have been developed with financial and other forms of support from MOHCD and the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

As of 2019, the MOHCD Asset Management portfolio is comprised of over 360 operational developments containing over 22,000 affordable housing units, ranging in size from one unit to over 500 units and in age from newly constructed to over 100 years old. These projects serve a variety of low-income populations: families, seniors, disabled individuals, veterans, chronically homeless people, transition-age youth, people with HIV/AIDS, among others.

Click HERE to see a map of MOHCD's Affordable Rental Portfolio.

The Asset Management Team's primary responsibility is to service over 750 loans and grants provided for these projects to approximately 100 non-profit and for profit organizations. The Team is also responsible for monitoring the compliance of each project with a host of obligations that borrowers and grantees agreed to as a condition of MOHCD’s financing/support. The Team's goal is to ensure that all projects financed by MOHCD are:

  • serving the intended low-income target populations with affordable rents
  • well-managed and provide decent, safe and sanitary housing
  • financially sound and sustainable in the long term.

In performing its duties, the Asset Management Team acts as a steward of public resources and and works to mitigate risk to the City’s investments wherever possible. The Team strives to:

  • be responsive and fair
  • analyze thoroughly and comprehensively
  • work collaboratively and transparently
  • maximize efficiency
  • build the capacity of the people and organizations that MOH supports.
Last updated October 19, 2022