Ballot Simplification Committee

This volunteer group writes summaries of local ballot measures.


The Ballot Simplification Committee (BSC) writes summaries of local ballot measures. They try to make these summaries short (less than 300 words) and simple (less than 8th grade reading level). We print their final “digests” in the Voter Information Pamphlet.

Feedback to the BSC

You can ask the BSC to reconsider their drafts. You do not need to attend a meeting to do that, but you must make your request no later than 24 hours after we post new drafts. Please include changes you propose and explain your reasoning. You can send a Request for Reconsideration to or deliver it to us at City Hall.

BSC membership

The BSC has 5 voting members. Each is an educator or writer and a San Francisco voter. The Board of Supervisors appoints three members and the Mayor appoints two members. Only an authorized organization can nominate a voting BSC member. The City Attorney’s office also attends meetings and writes first drafts but cannot vote.

Learn more about the BSC's process.


Request public records

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