Get a food handler card

Take an online food safety class to get your approved license to work with food in California.

What to do

Get your card online

You must take a short food safety training class. You can take this class online. 

After the class, you will answer questions about food safety to earn your card. 

If you answer the questions correctly, you will be given your food handler card right away.

These online food safety classes are accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Special cases

When you do not need this card

When you do not need this card

Most people who work with food need to have a food handler card in California. Your facility can get a health code violation if you do not have your card.

But you do not need a card if you volunteer or work at a:

  • certified farmers market
  • food supply store or supermarket for the military (commissary)
  • grocery store (unless it is a separately owned food business inside of the store)
  • licensed health care facility
  • mobile support unit
  • public and private school cafeteria
  • retail store where a majority of sales are from a pharmacy
  • snack bar at a place where the majority of sales are from admission tickets
  • elderly nutrition programs
  • city, county, and state detention facilities, like a jail, juvenile hall, camp, or ranch

Becoming a food safety manager

Becoming a food safety manager

By law, at least 1 person at a retail food facility like a restaurant has to be a food safety manager.

This person can be the:

  • owner
  • manager
  • chef
  • cook

Learn about getting certified as a food safety manager.

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