Design bulletins, informational sheets, and access plan review forms for architectural access

Guidance on accessibility codes and regulations.


Design bulletins

This bulletin clarifies the storage requirements in Mobility Units for the purpose of comparability to Adaptable Units. It also clarifies the usability of closets and other storage by people with disabilities.

This bulletin provides guidance for calculating storage in Mobility Unit kitchens.

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This bulletin provides guidance on the minimum requirements for emergency two-way communication call stations.

This bulletin provides guidance on the installation of two-way communication systems.

This bulletin summarizes the requirements for residential dwelling units with communication features.

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This bulletin provides guidance for the design and construction requirements of accessible doors, doorways and gates in Mobility Dwelling Units and common areas.

Standard accessible passenger loading zone layout guidelines.

Informational sheets

Check if your project qualifies for an Unreasonable Hardship Request (UHR), Technical Infeasibility (TI), or Structural Impracticability.

Instructions for using the San Francisco Play Area ADA Inventory Form and Equipment Checklist.

Permit processing guidelines for play areas and play components.

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MOD New Project Quality Control Checklist for required accessible features.

MOD site inspection minimum requirements.

Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Accessibility Manual

Guidelines for Accessible Building Blocks for Bicycle Facilities.

ADA Transition Plan for Curb Ramps and Sidewalks of the City and County of San Francisco.

Access Plan Review

Project intake form for submittal.

Disability Access Compliance for City-Funded Projects.

Disabled Access Upgrade Compliance Checklist Package (For Existing Buildings Only). 

Play area ADA inventory form.

MOD Inspection Matrix

Poster for reasonable accommodation notice.

Template for notice of right to reasonable accommodation.

Sample of reasonable accommodation instruction manual.

Guidelines for Narrative Documenting Unreasonable Hardship Request (UHR), Technical Infeasibility (TI), or Structural Impracticability, and Proposal for Equivalent Facilitation

Documentation form for Undue Burden.


These Bulletins are detailed architectural design drawings and as such, are largely visual in nature. If you would like assistance accessing these documents, please contact the Mayor's Office on Disability at or (415) 554-6789.