Step by step

Get a permit to install a sign or an awning

Follow our processes to fill out the right forms, prepare your drawings, and come to the Permit Center.


Check the sign rules in your zoning district


30 minutes to 1 hour

Most signs and awnings have zoning requirements based on their location. Click the link below to see the requirements for your property.

The following signs are not subject to these zoning requirements. Skip to step 2 for these types of signs:

  • Interior advertisement signs (like inside a mall)
  • Fire evacuation maps
  • Parking lot signs
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Determine if you need a permit for your sign or awning


30 minutes

Most exterior business signs and all awnings require a permit.

If you aren’t sure if you need a sign permit, check our list of signs that don’t need a permit.

See step 4 for more information about the types of permits needed for signs and awnings.

If you are planning to install a sign or awning at a business, you or your licensed contractor will need to pay for and collect the permit.

C-45 contractors can install signs and awnings.

D-42 contractors can install non-electrical signs.


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Draft construction drawings

To get a permit for your sign or awning, you will need to submit construction drawings with your permit application. 

Construction drawings can be created by a contractor, awning installer, architect or engineer.

Learn what to include in your plans and when they need special approval.

Drawings must include:

  • Area of the sign or awning, including dimensions
  • Height of the sign or awning as measured from the ground to the bottom of the sign or awning
  • Projection as measured from the building face to the end of the sign or awning
  • Dimensions of any lettering

Learn more about measuring your sign or awning.


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Fill out the right sign and awning permit forms for your project


30 minutes

Determine the right form or forms for your type of sign or awning.

You will need to fill out two application forms for the following types of projects:

  • Installing new awnings
  • Replacing frame and fabric for an existing awning
  • Obtaining a permit for an existing unpermitted awning

If you are unsure whether your sign or awning was permitted when installed, contact the Office of Small Business for assistance at or 628/652-4949.

Fill out the form 4/7 for all awnings and exterior business signs (except parking lot signs, fire evacuation maps, and interior advertisements - see below), including:

  • Awning fabric only replacement on a previously permitted installation
  • Projecting business and facade signs

You may apply for one permit for up to five identical signs. Different signs each need their own permit application.

Fill out form 3/8 for these types of signs and awnings:

  • New awning or replacement of an existing awning frame (not needed if only replacing awning fabric on a previously permitted installation)
  • Interior advertisement signs (like inside a mall)
  • Fire evacuation maps
  • Parking lot signs

See more information in Info Sheet G-04 about the sign permit process.

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Submit your permit application


Depends on the project


2 to 8 hours

Come to the Permit Center to submit your application. 

You will get a building permit application number. 

We will review your application, check your drawings, and inform you of the additional forms and information you need to provide. We will then route your application to the required permit review stations. You will carry your application and drawings to each permit review station and review your project with staff. You may need to come back on a separate day to finish the permit process.

At permit issuance, you will need to pay for and collect your permit or permits.

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Recheck your plans, pay for and collect your permit

You may need to update your drawings to address plan check comments.

If you need to revise your drawings, make the required changes and return to the Permit Center to recheck your drawings with a plan checker.

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Get related permits

During your permit review process, you may also need to:

For registered contractors, use instant online permits for electrical permits.


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Get your sign or awning inspected

You must get a final inspection of your installed sign or awning to complete the work, close the permit and / or resolve a notice of violation.

A separate electrical inspection is also required if you have taken out a permit for an illuminated sign.

Schedule an inspection of your installed sign or awning.

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Last updated March 17, 2023