Check the sign rules in your zoning district

Different zoning districts have different rules for signs. Learn what rules you must follow in your district.

What to do

1. Find your zoning district

Before you build your sign, you will need to find out the specific sign rules that apply to your zoning district. 

Use the property information map to find your building’s zoning district.

Search with your address or block and lot number.

Select "Zoning Information" from the list on the left menu.

Your “Zoning District” will determine the sign rules you must follow.

2. Check the rules in your zoning district

Special cases

Historic districts

Historic districts

In the property information map, select "Historic Preservation" from the list on the left menu of the property information map.

If your property is subject to Article 10 or Article 11, you will need a historic preservation review. 

Email to get in touch with a historic preservation planner. 

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Last updated April 21, 2023