Check if you need a permit for your sign

If you are planning to put up a sign at your business, you may need a permit.

When you need a permit

Most signs require a permit.

Multiple signs

To install identical signs, you only need 1 sign permit application (maximum 5 signs per permit).

To install different signs (size or type), you will need a different sign permit application for each.

When you do not need a permit

If you plan to install a non-commercial sign, you do not need a permit. 

Many commercial signs do need a permit. However, you do not need a permit for these commercial signs:

  • Temporary sale or lease signs
  • Temporary advertising signs for people or firms doing construction work
  • Temporary business signs
  • Advertising signs on fixed newsrack units
  • Small copy changes on signs that involve frequent copy changes (theater marquee)
  • Regular sign maintenance and minor repairs
  • Signs painted on doors or windows if your building is in a neighborhood commercial, commercial, or industrial zone
  • Signs within a stadium, open-air theater, or arena 
  • Advertising signs that are less than 24 square feet in area on Municipal Transportation Agency structures
  • Advertising signs that are less than 52 square feet in area on Department of Public Works kiosks

To learn more about these permit exceptions, read Section 603 from the Planning Code and the Planning Commission’s Sign information publication.

Find your building’s zoning.

Last updated May 19, 2022