Information sheets for DBI

Documents that clarify building code implementation for various construction topics.


Disabled access

Ordinance on Telephone Jacks and Grab Bars for SROs

Disabled Access Upgrade Compliance Checklist Package (For Existing Buildings Only). 

Chapter 11A Multi-Family Dwelling Unit Kitchen Cabinets

The Use of Power Door Operators in Lieu of Level Landings at Doors

Use of Powered Door Operators in Lieu of Exterior and Interior Doors and Gates Side Clearances and Opening Force is Existing Buildings

Pending Permit Applications Filed Under Previous Codes 

Rails and Barriers for Protruding Objects 


Multi-Family Dwelling Parking Requirements

Restrooms Within A Reasonable Distance

Multi-family Dwelling Requirements for Common Area Kitchens, Dwelling Unit Kitchen, Bathroom, Showers, Entry Doors and Mailboxes

Path of Travel Obligations for Seismic Mitigation Projects in Mixed Use Buildings

Change of Use and Occupancy, and Path of Travel Upgrades

Bar Top and Counters

Requirements for drinking fountains and bottle-filling (drink tap) stations.

Signage for All-Gender Toilet Facilities

Accessible Business Entrance Program


Vertically Elevated Doorways in Multifamily Dwellings (Stoops) 

Applying for Building Permit Using Category Compliance Checklist Compliance Form for the Accessible Business Entrance Program


Exiting and fire sprinkler requirements for roof decks.

Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (EEROs) to Yard or Court for Existing or New Buildings with Group R-3 Occupancies

Exiting Requirements for Additions and Alterations to Existing Non-Sprinklered R-3 Occupancies Not Exceeding 3-Stories


Local equivalencies for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and Unit Legalization


Routing and Submittal Requirements for New Construction of High Rise Buildings and New Low Rise Residential Buildings with More Than 50 Units.

License Requirements for Electrical Permit Issuance and Installations

Electric Fire Pump Installation Guidelines

Fire safety

Combustible Roof Decks for R-3 Occupancies


Automatic sprinkler requirements for Additions and Alterations in Existing Non-Sprinklered R-3 Occupancies with 4-Stories or Resulting in 4-Stories

Fire Safety Requirements for Wood-frame Buildings during Construction 

Sprinkler Systems Requirements for Addition or Legalization of Dwelling Unit

Fire Protection for Residential Decks and Deck Stairways in Rear or Side Yard

Elevator Lobbies in High-Rise Buildings

Accessory Dwelling Units – Group R3 Occupancy Change, Sprinkler Requirements, and Unit Separation Requirements

Building and Fire Requirements for Residential Subdivisions


Signature on Plans

Approval of Various Plan Review Procedures 

HELD FOR REVISION: Assigning Street Addresses


Affixing Building Enlargement Description Stamp 

HELD FOR REVISION: Cancellation, Withdrawal, Extension and Reactivation of Permit Applications That Are Not Issued 

Process for requesting approval to apply the California Historical Building Code to a project


Unsafe Buildings, Structure or Property or Public Nuisance Abatement Procedure



Priority Permit Process Guidelines for Projects Providing 100% Affordable Housing and Projects Providing less than 100% Affordable Housing

Construction Cost Estimate for Determination of Permit Fee or Refund

Various Ordinance and Resolutions

Documenting Removal or Loss of Dwelling Units Checklist 

HELD FOR REVISION: Disclosure from Owner, Agent and Contractor at Building Permit Application Submittal and Permit Issuance

Legalization of Dwelling Units Installed Without a Permit

Permit Processing Guidelines for Play Areas and Play Components at the City & County of San Francisco (City) Owned, Leased, or Publicly Funded Sites

Interim Criteria - Building Permit Application Routing to City Agencies

Products Acceptance 

Addition of Dwelling Units per Ordinance Nos. 162-16, 95-17 and 162-17

Memorandum of Understanding Procedures for Plan Review and/or Inspection

Permit and Inspection Services Guidelines for Restaurant Alterations and New Construction

Clarification on Administrative Bulletin AB-035

Required Permits Listing for Residential Condominium Unit

Properties Subject to the Floodplain Management Ordinance

Green building

Superseded by Administrative Bulletin 093

Material Reduction and Recovery Plan (MRRP) 

Interior environment

Natural Light

Sizing of yards and courts adjacent to exterior openings that provide required natural light or ventilation




2022 Title-24 Energy/Green Forms for Single-Family Residential Buildings 

2022 Title-24 Energy/Green Forms for Non-Residential, High-Rise Residential, and Hotel/Motel Buildings


Compliance with Title-24 Installation, Verification, and Acceptance Requirements and SFGBC AB-093 Attachment E Requirements

Domestic Range Hood Requirements

2022 Title-24 Energy/Green Forms for Low-Rise Multi-Family Residential Buildings




Water-Conservation of Commercial Buildings

Plumbing Fixtures

Protecting Utility Lines Traversing New Foundations in Buildings


HELD FOR REVISION: Structural Submittal Requirements for (A) Tower Crane Foundation and Attachment Permit and (B) Foundation


Tension Anchors in UMBs 

Demolition Permits

Geotechnical Report Requirements


Interpretation of SFBC Section 3402B, Exception 1 

Misc. Clarification of AB-107 on Engineering Criteria in SFBC Chapter 34B

Permit Process for Earthquake Brace & Bolt (EBB) Program

Balconies and Decks

Procedure of Processing Private School Earthquake Evaluation Reports

Cross-Laminated Timber

HELD FOR REVISION: Errata in 2016 SFBC and SFEBC Structural Provisions 

Special Inspection Qualification Guidelines for Inspection Agencies and Special Inspectors



Anchor Channels in Concrete Elements

Superseded by AB-083 and AB-111

Properties Subject to the Slope and Seismic Hazard Zone Protection Act (SSPA) Ordinance

Superseded by AB-083 and AB-111

Procedure for Processing Building Facade Inspection and Maintenance Reports

Current Practices

Continuous Tie-Down System Submittals memo

Site Permit Review Criteria memo

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Storage Sheds Exempt from requiring a Building Permit.