Operate your business safely

Stay home and get tested when feeling sick. Know your choices for vaccines and masks.

What to do

San Francisco no longer requires people to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter businesses or large indoor events.

As a business owner, you can require staff and customers to to be vaccinated if you so choose. You can also choose to let those who are unvaccinated show proof of a negative test result instead.

Tell customers not to visit your business or attend your event if they feel sick.

Wearing a mask

Know when you should wear masks.

You can require staff and customers to wear masks if you choose to.

People may choose to wear masks, even when they are not required. People should respect the choices others make for their health.

Get vaccinated, get boosted

You are urged to have all staff vaccinated and boosted as soon as they qualify.

When someone on staff is exposed

Staff who have had a close contact should get tested. It is strongly recommended that they wear a mask. They do not need to stay home. Learn more about what they should do.

Have staff stay home if feeling sick

Ask your employees to check for any COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to work.

Make sure employees do not come to work feeling sick. Do not treat employees differently if they use sick leave.

If someone on your staff tests positive for COVID-19

You do not need to shut down your business. Have the employee follow guidelines for staying home and away from others.

Learn about cleaning and informing your staff, if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19.

You no longer need to report outbreaks to the Department of Public Health. But you may need to report major outbreaks (20 or more cases within a 30-day period) to Cal/OSHA.

If you need disease outbreak support, contact Communicable Disease Control at cdcontrol@sfdph.org or 415-544-2830.

Download and post signage

All SF businesses can post signs about preventing COVID-19 and getting vaccinated. Download and print optional posters from the outreach toolkit.

Have a COVID-19 safety plan

Cal/OSHA requires all businesses have a safety plan. You do not need to post it publicly.

Maximize airflow and outside air

When weather allows, increase outdoor air by opening windows and doors.

You can set up umbrellas, tents, or temporary structures outside, if you choose to move your operations outdoors.

If you use fans, place them so air doesn’t blow from one person’s space to another.

Make sure air can flow freely through every area, including corners.

See your options for ventilation inside your business.

Stay up to date on health orders

The Safer Return Together Health Order ended on February 28, 2023. Stay informed of health policy information and updates.

Last updated December 15, 2023