Measures and ballot arguments

San Francisco voters decide many issues through ballot measures.

Ballot Measures

San Francisco ballots may include state, local, or district measures. Governmental bodies propose most measures, but voters can propose measures too. You can learn about this process in our Guide to Initiative Measures (PDF). You can also schedule an appointment or call us at 415-554-4375. 

This page provides information about local, district, and initiative measures. The Secretary of State provides information about state measures.

Please refer to our November Ballot Measure Calendar to learn about ballot measure timelines for the November 5, 2024 Election.

Ballot measure submission deadlines are set by law. When reading about ballot measures below, please note:

  • The Director of Elections determines the title and letter designation.
  • The title is subject to change before the measure receives a letter.
  • If there is no contact information for a measure, the proponent has not authorized us to release this information.
  • Our list of potential measures can only include those properly submitted to us.

View list of qualified measures

View list of potential measures 

Potential measures are posted upon submission to the Department of Elections.

Qualified initiative measures will be finalized after July 8, 2024

Qualified local measures will be finalized after August 2, 2024

Qualified district measures will be finalized after August 9, 2024


Ballot arguments

The Voter Information Pamphlet generally contains “ballot arguments.” These are statements for and against measures on the ballot. We can only publish ballot arguments under certain conditions. You can learn about these conditions in the Ballot Argument Guide (PDF). You can also learn about the process in one of our ballot argument workshops.

You must submit the required form(s) in person at our office by the deadline. You can complete forms in advance or get them from our office. We print ballot arguments in the Voter Information Pamphlet in the order they are submitted.


Ballot argument forms

For questions about ballot arguments, please schedule an appointment or call 415-554-4375.

Learn about past ballot measures

For past ballot measure text and arguments, see past Voter Information Pamphlets

For results of ballot measures, see election results

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