Rent Board forms (Forms Center)

See a full list of downloadable forms and rate schedules for tenants and landlords. Many of our forms are also available in Español, 中文, and Filipino.


This page contains a full list for Rent Board forms, including:

  • Tenant forms
  • Landlord forms
  • Appeal forms
  • Rate and fee schedules
  • Miscellaneous forms

Many of these forms are also available in Español中文, and Filipino.

Landlord forms

526; 527; 528Capital Improvement Petition Forms

530: Operating and Maintenance Petition

531: Special Circumstances Petition (based on rents for comparable units)

533: Utility Passthrough Petition

534: Substantial Rehabilitation Petition for Exemption

535Petition for Extension of Time to Complete Capital Improvements

536: Section 1.21 (tenant in occupancy) Petition

537: Petition for Determination Pursuant to Section 6.14 and/or Costa-Hawkins

538General Obligation Bond Passthrough Worksheets

539: Water Revenue Bond Passthrough Worksheet

540: Water Bond P-T Worksheet Multi-year

541: Ellis Act Forms (withdrawal of residential units from rental market)

542: Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet

543: Instructions for Completing Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet

544: Landlord Petition Other Ground

546A: OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form A: Landlord Has Not Recovered Possession

546B: OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form B: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is Occupying the Unit

546C: OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form C: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is not Occupying the Unit

551Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Request Form

552: Consent to Issuance of Minute Order

553: Expedited Hearing Information and Application

554: Objection to Expedited Hearing Order

955: OMI-Request for Recission

958: OMI - Tenant's Change of Address Form

960: Ellis-Request for Recission

993: Request Hardship Hearing

1000: Pre-buyout Disclosure Form

1001: Landlord Declaration regarding Buyout Disclosure

1007: Notice to Tenant Req'd by §37.9(c)-Eng-Sp-Ch-Viet-Rus-Tag.pdf

1008: Warning Letter to Tenant - 10 Days to Cure

1009: Temporary Eviction for Capital Improvements - Tenant Disclosure and Change of Address Form Req'd by §37.9(a)(11)

1020: Owner's Declaration re proposed ADU construction [Declaration required by Planning Code §207(c)(4)]

1025; 1026; 1027Housing Inventory Paper Forms

Last updated February 1, 2024