File documents with the Rent Board

You can file documents by email, mail, or in person.

What to do

Documents received by email after 5pm or on weekends/holidays will be stamped as received the next business day.

If your documents only have a few pages, the easiest way to file is to send us an email.

Follow the steps to file via email:

  1. Scan and attach your documents in PDF format.
  2. Attach your PDF files in an email to
  3. Indicate your name, phone number, the property address and case number, if any, in the email.
  4. No video files, audio files, zip files, Dropbox links, Google drive links, or similar are accepted.

Larger documents

If you have larger documents like large capital improvement petitions, you should file in-person or mail it to the Rent Board.

File-endorsed copy

We cannot return file-endorsed copies of email submissions via email or postal mail.

If you need a file-endorsed copy of a submission, do not submit the filing by email. Instead, file your document in-person, or mail us the original plus a copy of the document. Include a pre-addressed stamped envelope with an explanation that you are requesting a file-endorsed copy.


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