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What to do

1. Create a WorkforceLinkSF account

Create your employer account to begin posting job openings. 

WorkforceLinkSF allows you match open positions to thousands of local candidates who are pre-screened for experience and job skills.

2. Partner with us

After you create your account on WorkforceLinkSF, a specialist will contact you to better understand your goals and help customize a strategy to meet your hiring needs.

As part of this strategy, we'll help you:

  • Find local talent using WorkforceLinkSF and help you maximize its features to get the most qualified candidates
  • Create community partnerships and access over 120 local workforce organizations that help promote your openings, as well as train and prescreen candidates
  • Reduce your recruitment costs by leveraging our network of job centers, hiring events, and industry-specific training programs

If you want to talk to an Employer Services specialist right away, email us at to get started.

3. Connect to a community partner

Based on your hiring needs, we will introduce you to community partners who will work directly with you to find and recruit diverse, local, and qualified candidates.

4. Stay in touch

Your Employer Services specialist is your partner in hiring and acts as a "workforce concierge." Contact them whenever you need help finding or recruiting local talent.

We help San Francisco employers attract, grow, and retain a diverse workforce. 

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Last updated August 14, 2023