Find your Area Median Income (AMI) level

Your AMI level determines whether you can apply for income based services.

What to do

We compare your income to other San Franciscans by using Area Median Income (AMI) - the combined average household income for the San Francisco metropolitan area. 100% AMI is the middle number when looking at a list of all San Francisco incomes. AMI also depends on household size. 

Find your AMI level

When looking at the AMI chart:

  1. Look across the top row to find the number of people in your household.
  2. Look down the column with the number of people in your household. This column contains the range of maximum household incomes by AMI level.
  3. Find the 2 numbers your household income is between. The higher number correlates to your AMI level.
  4. Follow that row to the left, to find your AMI level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Annual updates

AMI is updated every year by the Federal Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). HUD uses data from the census and the American Community Survey. They calculate 100% AMI for a family of four for cities and regions across the entire United States.
HUD publishes two AMI charts, typically by early April. One chart is adjusted higher in recognition of the high housing costs in San Francisco. The other chart is the unadjusted calculation. Most City services use the unadjusted chart.

See all AMI charts for all City housing programs

Special cases

Special income calculations for housing

Special income calculations for housing

For City housing programs, we calculate nontaxable income and your dependents' income differently, if it helps you qualify. Read more about these special income calculations.

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Last updated May 1, 2024