Ask about your rent increase in affordable housing

Tenants in City sponsored affordable housing should ask their property managers about rent increases.

What to do

1. Be prepared for an annual rent increase

Building owners raise your rent to cover the costs of maintaining your building. 

Generally, rents are raised once a year. The increase is usually from changes to the Area Median Income (AMI) in San Francisco. Find your AMI level.

How much your rent increases depends on which housing program your building is under. Historically, the average rent increase has been about 3% per year.

2. Check if you have a rent increase

You will get a written notice at least 30 days before the effective date of the new rent amount.

3. Talk to your property manager if you have questions

Ask your property manager about your rent increases, your building, and housing program.

Ask to speak with a supervisor if you have more questions.

Get help with your rent

If you cannot pay your rent, community-based organizations can help. These organizations can help you get one-time financial help and handle housing conflict.  The City also has a program for renters to avoid displacement.

Calculate the percentage of income you spend on housing costs. This is called your rent burden. For example, if you have monthly housing costs of $800 and monthly income of $2000, your rent burden is 40%. Calculate your rent burden.

You will need to know your rent burden when getting help with your rent.

Special cases

Rent increases for rental subsidies

Rent increases for rental subsidies

For tenants using rental subsidies, such as Section 8 or Shelter + Care, generally, your rent only increases when you make more money.

Get help

Ask your property manager

Last updated March 29, 2024