Update your voter registration

Make changes to the information in your voter registration record.

Update your registration when your information changes

For some changes, you can call, email or complete an online form. For other changes, you will need re-register to vote. Use this update tool to find out what steps to take. 


Get proof of registration

We will mail you Voter Notification Card about 2 weeks after you register to vote or update your registration. You can also check your voter registration status online.

To request a new Voter Notification Card, contact us. You can also get a Certificate of Registration for $1.50 from our office in City Hall.


Cancel your registration if you move out of San Francisco

Use the Registration Cancellation form to cancel your voter registration. If you are moving within California, you may register to vote in your new county. If you are moving out of California, you may contact your new election officials to register to vote.

Let us know about another voter’s status

Use the Third-Party Notification form to let us know if we send election mail to someone who no longer lives at your address.

Use the Notification of Deceased Voter form to let us know of a voter's passing.

Get help

Department of Elections

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
City Hall, Room 48
San Francisco, CA 94102


Fax: 415-554-7344
TTY: 415-554-4386

中文: 415-554-4367
Español: 415-554-4366
Filipino: 415-554-4310

Last updated March 25, 2024