Submit an emergency medical plan for your special event

Set up a Microsoft account, gather event details and medical resources, and create your plan.

What to do

Your emergency medical plan will include:

  • An overview of your event and planned activities
  • Contact information for the health, medical, and safety personnel at the event
  • Emergency medical procedures, equipment, and deployment for the event

Gather information about your event

Make sure you have information about your event, including:

  • Event name, type, and description
  • Description of planned activities (e.g., entertainment, vendors, etc.)
  • Dates and hours of operation
  • Expected daily attendance

Gather details for your plan

Your plan will need to have details for things like:

  • A plan for participant safety
  • A plan for non-participant safety (such as for neighboring residents and onlookers)
  • Contact info for the event’s health and safety lead
  • Name and contact info for emergency medical services, and medical service providers if any
  • Descriptions of medical assets (i.e., personnel, facilities, equipment, vehicles)
  • A communications plan, including equipment
  • An inclement weather plan
  • A disaster plan describing the ability to care for at least 50 event attendees and staff as casualties. Consider attendee demographics such as youth/children, people with disabilities, and seniors. Must include training of all event medical personnel in the disaster plan, the START disaster triage system, and all appropriate necessary equipment
  • Plans to document and report any patient care/interactions at the event

Make sure you have a Microsoft email account

You must also have a Microsoft email account to access the Event Medical Plan site. Follow these steps if you don’t have one.

Get an invitation link to the site

Send an email to and in the body of your email include:

  • The email address connected to your Microsoft account
  • The email addresses of any collaborators

You will get an email back from us within 2 business days. Check your spam folder.

In the email, click on the one-time invitation link “Go to SF Event Medical Plans.” The site should open in your browser.

Sign in to the site using the Microsoft email address you gave us. Do not try to sign in using a different email as it will void the invitation link we sent you. You will have to contact us again.

Fill out the form and submit the plan

Once you’re signed in, select the link to “Submit / Create a plan.”

Follow the steps on the site to fill out the form. Your information is automatically saved, so you can close and reopen the form as needed.

Reference this document to help fill out the form.

Once you’re ready, submit the plan. This must be at least 30 days ahead of your event.

After your approved event

Submit a post event treatment report to us by email

Get help

Last updated June 23, 2022