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Create an event medical plan

Submit a medical plan and have emergency medical resources for your special event.

If your special event has more than 2500 attendees, more than 100 swimmers, or is required by a permitting agency, you have to submit an event medical plan and arrange for the right level of emergency medical services and resources.

All special events that need a medical plan must at least have:

  • A way for event staff to contact 911
  • People trained in CPR with AEDs

Other requirements for your event will depend on risk factors for your event. We’ll help you figure out what those are as you put together your medical plan.


Find out if you need a plan


Start at least 90 days ahead of the event

If your event will have 2500 or more attendees, more than 100 swimmers, or is required by a permitting agency to have emergency medical resources at the event.


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Start and submit your medical plan


$50.00 to $1000.00

See fee schedule


It takes at least a month to complete & you must submit 30 days ahead
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Line up your medical resources


Recommended no later than 90 days ahead of the event

You may need ambulances at your event. Contact and secure the ambulances at least 90 days ahead of time. Do not assume the same ambulance company you’ve used in the past will be available.

If your plan requires ALS or BLS ambulance transport, only use these approved ambulance companies.

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Find out if your plan is approved


Within 15 days after you submitted the plan

We will contact you within 15 days of your submission and will let you know if the plan is approved as is, approved pending changes, or denied and why. You may need to submit changes or additional information.

You can appeal a denied plan by submitting the plan again to our Medical Director. They will review the plan within 5 days and will deliver you a decision within 5 business days of their review.

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Submit a report after the event




Within 3 business days of the event

Submit an Event Medical Treatment Report within 3 business days of the event. It should include a summary of any medical incidents that used the medical plan’s resources.


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Last updated April 19, 2024