Sell prepared or packaged food at a farmers' market in San Francisco

The health permit you need to operate depends on how your food is prepared, packaged, or sold.

What to do

1. Get approved by the market manager

To be a vendor, you need to first apply with the market where you want to sell your food.

Follow their steps to get the okay to be a food or beverage vendor at that location.

2. Apply for a health permit

Start your application for a health permit


  • If you are selling pre-packaged food you apply as a retail food vendor
  • If you are preparing food onsite at a booth you apply as a temporary food facility
  • If you are making and selling food from a food truck you apply as a mobile food facility

3. View how much you will pay for your permit

We will tell you how much you owe when you apply.

View current Environmental Health fees to prepare.

Get help

Food Safety program

Certified Farmers' Markets


Last updated April 30, 2024