Apply for a health permit to run a farmers' market

Get your certified farmers' market permit to operate and organize vendors in San Francisco.

What to do

You need to have a state agriculture certificate before you can open a farmers’ market. Apply online through the California Department of Food and Agriculture website.

1. Provide your restroom plan

You will need at least:

  • 1 restroom for every 15 food workers
  • Located within 200 feet of every food booth
  • A place for people to wash their hands

Download and fill out the restroom verification form.

2. Make a site map and vendor list

  • Include a list of all the vendors at your market, and also:
  • Draw a site map that shows the layout of the market, with the exact location of each vendor and restroom.

3. Apply for a health permit

We will tell you how much you owe when you submit your application. You can also view current environmental health fees .

Get help

Application process

For help with the requirements, visit us at the Permit Center or contact Amelia Castelli.


Amelia Castelli

Food Safety Program
Certified Farmers' Markets


Cree Morgan

Agriculture Program


Shanna Hurley

For markets on public streets
Temporary street closures for special event
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Last updated February 28, 2024