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Large group at Digital Equity presentation
“Large group presentation” by San Francisco Digital Equity


Established in 2018, San Francisco Digital Equity leads the City's digital equity response. A division of the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD).  This initiative exemplifies MOHCD's commitment to equity and inclusiveness to San Francisco’s most underserved residents.

Technician on rooftop in front a wires
“Randy on roof of Chinatown SRO” by Department of Technology


The City’s 2019-2024 Digital Equity Strategic Plan presents three goals:

  • Expand affordable, high-quality internet access through strategic partnerships.
  • Launch digital literacy innovation programs.
  • Establish central leadership and accountability for measurable change.
Rey, Marcia, and Leo at computer workshop
“Refurbathon at Kapuso with Rey LaChaux, Marcia Contreras, and Leo Sosa” by Dev/Mission


We collaborate with community and City partners to offer digital equity resources:

  • Fund grantees providing direct services to the community.
  • Refer services from a trusted network of service providers.
  • Help residents access free Internet with the Fiber to Housing program.
One-on-one computer training
“One-on-One Computer Training” by PRC

Group photo of workshop participants
“Refurbathon at Bernal Dwellings” by Dev/Mission

Kids participating in STEAM program
“STEAM Hub kids program” by Dev/Mission

Get Internet

Affordable Internet

Affordable Internet

Broadband for All partnered with EveryoneOn* and the California Emerging Technology Fund to help you find programs in your area.

Fiber to Housing Program

Fiber to Housing Program

Get free Internet for affordable housing.  Visit the website for a list of locations.

Locations with wired ethernet connections

  • Apply for a router with your management or services team.
  • Setup the router in your home for free Internet.

Locations with secure Wi-Fi

  • Find the flyer posted by your management or services team.
  • Connect your device using the Wi-Fi name and password.

Tech Support and Questions

For Internet issues or questions about this program, please contact:

Fiber to Housing
Phone: (628) 652-5888
Text: 415-907-1084

Find free or low cost Internet.

Find devices

Access Program at SECC

Access Program at SECC

Borrow a laptop or tablet.  Attend a digital workshop.  Study in a workspace. Learn more about the Access Program.

Buy low-cost devices or borrow from a participating program.

Learn skills

Digital skills and job training

Digital skills and job training

Youth and school resources

Youth and school resources

Seniors and adults with disabilities

Seniors and adults with disabilities

Mental health and other resources

Mental health and other resources
  • Conard House:  Digital literacy, skills training, Internet access, and mental health 
  • Potrero Hill Neighborhood:  Culturally responsive mental health services 
  • SF Service Guide:  City resource guide for essential services across San Francisco
  • Tech@Hand:  Tech loaner program, tech support hours, and digital literacy classes.

Discover new skills or get help with technology.

Get tech support

Felton Tech Squad

Felton Tech Squad

Tech support and internet access for seniors and people with disabilities .  Visit website for more info.

Get help with your devices at a location near you.

Help us improve

Digital Needs Survey

Digital Needs Survey

Share your digital needs and skills in this survey.  Help us make better programs for you.  Find your preferred language below.

Questions, comments, or concerns

Questions, comments, or concerns

Please let us know how our programs are doing.

Text: 415-907-1084

Refurbathon in Chinatown

In this video

This workshop provided digital literacy and Internet safety training.  Participants received a refurbished computer after completion.  This event took place on February 1st, 2024 in Chinatown.

Courtesy of Dev/Mission, a San Francisco Digital Equity grantee.


Martin Manuel:  Hello, my name is Martin Manuel.  I am a Community Technology Program Coordinator, and this is a recap of our Chinatown Refurbathon.

On-screen text:
Refurbathon is a digital literacy and Internet safety workshop; participants receive a free device after completion.

Martin Manuel:  Partnered with SF Public Library, AT&T, and the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.

End title:

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San Francisco Digital Equity ensures all residents can take part in a digital society.  Our goal is to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive San Francisco.

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Text: 415-907-1084

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