Free internet access to residents living in affordable housing.

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Closing the Digital Divide

What we have done

The Department of Technology has connected over 10,000 units since 2018 to free high speed internet.

What we connect

The Fiber to Housing program has connected a variety of properties across San Francisco, spanning single room occupancy hotels, SF Housing Authority managed properties, navigation centers, and learning hubs deploy during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

What we provide

The Fiber to Housing program provides Wi-Fi at download speeds ranging from 60-120 mbps. Additional support is provided in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.

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Hear from the team about Fiber to Housing work!


Title Card: Fiber to Housing

Kevin Kohmann, Fiber/Wireless Infrastructure Project Manager:
Digital literacy is something that is severely lacking in our world today, and it takes a lot to understand that — you know — food, water, and shelter have been basic necessities for so long that we forget about Wi-Fi. 

We forget about the connection to the internet, and when you go into these communities and you realize that people aren't even able to load into their homework, they can't talk to their teachers, and really are out of touch with the world around them. 

So by providing them this network and providing them this system, we're able to allow them to keep up in the Modern Age.

Brian Roberts, Policy Analyst Department of Technology:
Folks still were not served by internet throughout the city, and these tended to be low-income people people who lived in affordable housing. People of color, people with limited English, and seniors — all of those are in high concentrations in affordable housing, so we thought — given that we had a fiber network that stretched throughout the city reaching deep into neighborhoods — that would be a perfect opportunity to address the digital divide in San Francisco. 

Jontonette Clark, Clubhouse Director, Greater Visitacion Valley:
The infrastructure that the city installed helped us run our digital program. It played a critical role from the time we opened during COVID until now, so we were able to collaborate with online services that offer tutoring and intense just like school support. 

It also helped us be able to log the kids on for online schooling during COVID, in addition to like now that everybody has switched,
most of their curriculums to online, we can now log the kids onto their online homework, check their grades, in addition to helping parents learn how to use the school system portal. 

Reymon Lachaux, Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development:
So the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development's Office of Digital Equity— our goal and our role in Fiber To Housing
is to ensure that we have all three legs of the three-legged stool. The first leg, rightfully so, is high quality internet connection. We liken the high quality internet connection to the highway. The second leg, I would say, would be high quality devices. This is the car, right? You want to make sure that the specs on the car is up to speed, and lastly you know, it's important to to get kind of that driver's education to learn how to navigate the road and to know the signs to watch out for, in terms of making sure that you're secure while you're surfing the internet — that it's private. And so that's the digital digital literacy piece.

Nas Blaylock, Sunnydale Resident:
Just— in my daily life, I need the Internet just— to just to do pretty much everything. Um, the internet is taking so much control over people's daily lives, including myself, that I just needed— to just need it to get certain jobs done. I need— I need it for my life— I need it. 

Brian Roberts:
This program really seeks to, wherever possible, provide a service that's of equivalent or higher speed and quality as the best commercial service. 

Reymon Lachaux:
We serve all of San Francisco, but we definitely have to be equitable in our distribution of services. So what that means is everybody gets what they need to be successful. 

Brian Roberts:
It's actually one of the most gratifying parts of my work here at Department of Technology. It's really bringing City resources to address, you know, problems faced with our communities with the highest need. 

Evelyn Alvarado, Intern, Department of Technology:
I think it's important because I grew up in a low-income community, and I grew up without internet access, and it was really hard. So I think it's — it's important for everyone to have internet access no matter their income and, maybe one day, they're going to be — there's some kid is going to have internet access from us. It helps with school, helps learn new skills.

Closing Comments:
Fiber to Housing
The San Francisco Department of Technology continues to install and maintain free high-speed internet in communities and organizations throughout the city.

The Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development provides millions of dollars to community organizations who offer essential digital literacy training to residents.

End Card:
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Fiber to Housing

Locations with wired ethernet connections

Locations with wired ethernet connections

These housing locations have free Internet delivered through fiber-optic and Ethernet cabling in every housing unit. A Wi-Fi router is needed to use this service. If you have your own Wi-Fi router, simply plug it in to the Ethernet wall jack in your unit and begin enjoying free Internet. If you need a Wi-Fi router, please contact your onsite staff to sign up to receive one. 

  1. 385 Eddy St, Hamlin Hotel
  2. 53 Colton St, Jazzie Collins Apartments
  3. 410 China Basin St, Mission Bay Block 9
  4. 555 Larkin St, aka 500 Turk St
  5. 681 Florida St, 681 Florida (2070 Bryant St)
  6. 180 Jones St, 180 Jones (Land Dedication Site)
  7. 125 Mason St, 125 Mason Street
  8. 480 Eddy St, Yosemite Apartments
  9. 1357-1371 Eddy St, 1357 Eddy St
  10. 363 Noe St, 363 Noe St
  11. 988 Howard St, Plaza Apartments
  12. 921 Howard St, 921 Howard St
  13. 75 Dore St, Folsom Dore Apts
  14. 55 Mason St, Ambassador Hotel
  15. 374 5th St, 5th Street Apartments
  16. 990 Polk St, Polk Street Apartments
  17. 1174 Folsom St, ?ME (1174-78 Folsom St and 663 Clementina St)
  18. 5199 Mission St, Crocker Amazon Senior Apartments
  19. 4840 Mission St, Islais Place Apartments
  20. 2215-2263 48th Ave, 2206-2268 Great Hwy (SFHA Scattered Sites)
  21. 4101 Noriega St, 4101 Noriega St
  22. 200 Randolph St, 200 Randolph/409 Head St
  23. 2340 San Jose Ave, Kapuso at the Upper Yard
  24. 1204 Mason St, Consorcia Apartments
  25. 990 Pacific Ave, 990 Pacific Ave
  26. 1005 Powell St, Parker Hotel
  27. 1000 Market St, San Cristina
  28. 777 Broadway, Bayside Elderly Housing
  29. 1525 Grant Ave, Tower Hotel
  30. 100 Appleton Ave, Holly Courts
  31. 1101 Connecticut St, Potrero Block X
  32. 1855 15th St, Mission Dolores
  33. 3850 18th St, Mission Terrace
  34. 937 Ellsworth St, Alemany Apartments/544 Alemany
  35. 735 Davis St, 735 Davis
  36. 88 Broadway, 88 Broadway
  37. 1296 Shotwell St, Casa Adelante
  38. 2060 Folsom St, 2060 Folsom
  39. 838 Pacific Ave, Ping Yuen North
  40. 365 Fulton St, Richardson Apartments
  41. 2500 Arelious Walker St, Alice Griffith
  42. 1753 Carroll Ave, Dr. Davis Senior Housing
  43. 3138 Kamille Ct, Bernal Dwellings
  44. 3001 24th St, Casa de la Mission
  45. 1477 Sunnydale Ave, NEW Sunnydale Phase I Casala Apartments
  46. 1150 Scott St, Robert B. Pitts
  47. 2501 Sutter St, Westside Courts
  48. 246 McAllister St, 246 McAllister St
  49. 2828 16th St, Casa Adelante - (Formerly 1990 Folsom)
  50. 1239 Turk St, Willie B. Kennedy
  51. 222 Taylor St, Eddy Taylor
  52. 55 Cravath St, Maceo May (Treasure Island)

Locations with secure Wi-Fi

Locations with secure Wi-Fi

These housing locations have free Internet delivered through onsite Wi-Fi. For instructions on how to access the Wi-Fi, please contact onsite staff.

  1. 1064 Mission St, 1064 Mission
  2. 170 Brookdale Ave, Sunnydale
  3. 1826 25th St, SFHA Potrero Hill
  4. 238 Eddy St, Windsor Hotel
  5. 519 Ellis St, Senator Hotel
  6. 1150 3rd St, Edwin M Lee Apartments
  7. 440 Eddy St, Jefferson Hotel
  8. 1321 Mission St, The Margot
  9. 1001 Polk St, Next Door Shelter
  10. 407 9th St, Harbor House
  11. 1661 15th St, Gubbio Project
  12. 1190 Howard St, SOMA Apartments
  13. 320-330 Clementina St, Clementina Tower
  14. 34 6th St, Seneca Hotel
  15. 909 Geary St, Hartland Hotel
  16. 125 Bayshore Blvd, Bayshore Navigation Center
  17. 937 Clay St, 937-949 Clay St
  18. 848 Kearny St, International Hotel
  19. 810 Battery St, Broadway Family Apartments
  20. 227 Bay St, 227 Bay St
  21. 1535 Jackson St, 1535 Jackson St
  22. 940 Washington St, Gum Moon
  23. 1483 Mason St, Lady Shaw Senior Center
  24. 250 Kearny St, 250 Kearny
  25. 657 Clay St, Clayton Hotel (Chinatown SRO)
  26. 665 Clay St, 665 Clay St
  27. 534 Broadway , Swiss American Hotel
  28. 3101 Mission St, Bernal Gateway Apartments
  29. 190 Coleridge St, Coleridge Park Homes
  30. 555 Beale St, Embarcadero Navigation Center
  31. 1925 Evans St, Bayview SAFE Navigation Center
  32. 260 Golden Gate Ave, Hamilton Family Shelter
  33. 525 5th St, Multi-Service Center South
  34. 680 Bryant St, Bryant Navigation Center
  35. 888 Post St, TAY Navigation Center
  36. 201 Turk St, 201 Turk
  37. 833 Kearny St, 833 Kearny
  38. 1351 Stockton St, 1351 Stockton
  39. 1466 Powell St, 1466 Powell
  40. 2176 Mission St, Star Hotel
  41. 650 Eddy St, Arnett Watson Apartments
  42. 1101 Fairfax Ave, Hunters View Phase I & II
  43. 455 Bay St, North Beach Place
  44. 111 Jones St, 111 Jones St
  45. 242 Hahn St, 290 Malosi (Sunnydale - Block 6)
  46. 22 S Park St, Hotel Madrid
  47. 1105 Oakdale Ave, Hunters Point West
  48. 788 Kirkwood Ave, Hunters Point East
  49. 90 Kiska Rd, Westbrook
  50. 520 S Van Ness Ave, Mission Hotel
  51. 770 O'Farrell St, Edgeworth Hotel
  52. 1251 Turk St, Rosa Parks
  53. 141 Eddy St, West Hotel
  54. 145 Taylor St, Curran House
  55. 174 Ellis St, Maria Manor
  56. 180 Turk St, Antonia Manor
  57. 217 Eddy St, Franciscan Towers
  58. 220 Golden Gate Ave, Kelly Cullen Community
  59. 230 Eddy St, Alexander Residences
  60. 34 Turk St, Dalt Hotel
  61. 350 Ellis St, Ellis Gardens
  62. 430 Turk St, Sala Burton Manor
  63. 680 Florida St, Mosaica Family and Senior Apartments

Fiber to Housing Support

If you are a resident living at one of the Fiber to Housing property locations and would like internet assistance, please contact Fiber to Housing Support at:



Fiber to Housing is a collaboration between the City and County of San Francisco's Department of Technology and the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development. Fiber to Housing bridges the digital divide by bringing free high-speed Internet to residents in affordable housing.