Option 1: Technology Marketplace Contracts

Buy a wide range of technology goods and services through individual purchase orders issued against OCA's Technology Marketplace Contracts.

What is the Technology Marketplace?

The City’s Technology Marketplace originated in the 1990’s as an efficient purchasing model for the City’s technology needs. It reduces the time required to complete a transaction from several months to 1-2 weeks. Through continuous process improvements, it now consists of 50+ suppliers with whom OCA has negotiated multi-year Term Contracts for as-needed purchases of technology goods and services. To use the Technology Marketplace, departments submit a requisition in PeopleSoft for OCA review. Once approved, a purchase through the Technology Marketplace results in a purchase order issued by OCA to the Technology Marketplace reseller. The purchase order draws down on the Technology Marketplace reseller’s Term Contract with the City and is subject to its terms and conditions. Departments cannot sign any agreements, but must abide by the manufacturer’s license, use and support terms. All other matters are governed by the Term Contract between the Technology Marketplace reseller and City.

    Helpful guides:


      Public Facing Documents

      This is a complete list of all Technology Marketplace 3.0 Suppliers. This file is in excel.

      The Standard Pool consists of 54 Suppliers, some of whom are also LBEs. Please take note of the 10 Suppliers who have higher insurance requirements. This document is in PDF for easy download.

      The Micro LBE Pool consists of 20 Suppliers, some of whom have multiple contracts. This document is in PDF for easy download.

      All technology purchases must use one or more of these NIGP category codes.

      Technology Marketplace suppliers must submit all bids or quotes using this template which consists of two tabs, one for Commodities and one for Professional Services. Please ensure you complete ach applicable tab correctly.

      Must be completed by the TM 3.0 Supplier for all transactions with professional services that exceed $200K