Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA)

Between the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) and Treasure Island Community Development, LLC(TICD).

Approved in June 2011, the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) governs the Developer's right to develop the Project in a series of Major Phases and Sub-Phases and to sell or ground lease lots to vertical developers for development.  The DDA also governs the Developer's obligations with respect to Project elements including public infrastructure, affordable housing and community benefits.


Body of Disposition and Development Agreement document

DDA Attachments

Exhibit A: Definitions

Exhibit B-1: Project Site

Exhibit B-2: Legal description of project site

Exhibit D: Land Use Plan

Exhibit E: Housing Plan

Exhibit F: Community Facilities Obligation

Exhibit G: Public Property Map

Exhibit L: Site 12 redesign site

Exhibit N: Transportation Plan Obligations

Exhibit O: Sustainability Obligations

Exhibit P: Jobs and Equal Opportunity Policy

Exhibit Q: Pre-approved arbiter list

Exhibit R: Reversionary quitclaim deeds

Exhibit S: Summary Proforma

Exhibit T: Auction bidder selection guidelines for commercial lots

Exhibit U: Qualified appraisal pool

Exhibit V-1: Appraisal instructions (commercial properties)

Exhibit V-2: Appraisal instructions (residential properties)

Exhibit W: Auction bidder selection guidelines for residential auction lots

Exhibit X: Guidelines for residential auction lot selection

Exhibit Y-1: Form of guaranty (base security)

Exhibit Y-2: Form of guaranty (adequate security other than base security)

Exhibit Z: Form of Architect's Certificate

Exhibit AA: Authority quitclaim deed

Exhibit BB: Certificate of Completion

Exhibit CC: DRDAP

Exhibit DD: Engineer's Certificate

Exhibit EE: Financing Plan

Exhibit FF: Infrastructure Plan

Exhibit GG: Parks and Open Space Plan

Exhibit HH: Permit to enter

Exhibit II: Phasing map

Exhibit JJ: Schedule of performance