Notify locals about your film shoot

Distribute film notices to let residents and businesses know that there will be filming.

What to do

1. Prepare your film notice

2. Send us the film notice for approval

3. Distribute approved printed film notices 72 hours before your shoot

If you have translations for your notice, print it double-sided.

Distribute the notice to residences and businesses on both sides of the street where you are filming, and 300 feet (half-block) past the production footprint or the last parking space you are using. 

Make sure people will see the notice in time. Do not put notices in mailboxes. Do not tape or staple film notices onto poles.

For residences

Distribute the film notice between 8 am and 8 pm.

For apartment buildings, leave the notice near the call button using blue painter’s tape only.

For homes, leave it near the door. You can:

  • Roll up the film notice and leave it on the door handle
  • Leave it under the doormat
  • Tape it near the mailbox (if near the front door) with blue painter’s tape 

For businesses

Go inside the business and leave the film notice with the on-site manager.

4. Remove film notices after filming

Get help

Last updated May 6, 2024