Use SFMTA vehicles or services in your film

To film on board an SFMTA bus, train, or cable car, you must charter the vehicle.

What to do

1. Check if you need to charter the vehicle

You must charter the vehicle if you plan to film on board the vehicle, not from the sidewalk. Crew size does not affect the requirement or the cost.

SFMTA-operated vehicles include:

  • Cable cars
  • Historic street cars
  • Muni buses
  • Trolleys
  • Light rail vehicles (LRV)

2. Fill out the SFMTA-Muni request form

Attach the request to your film permit application.

Special cases

Traffic control on Muni lines

Traffic control on Muni lines

If your filming area will impact Muni service on the street, an SFMTA inspector will be needed to do traffic control. We can work with you to see if you need this.

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Last updated October 28, 2022