Reserve parking for your film production

Request parking for your production vehicles, picture vehicles, or to clear for picture.

What to do

1. Check where you plan to park

We recommend physically checking the space that you plan to use for parking. 

If you want to park in a business’s white zone, you must get permission from the business owner. 


Motorhomes with pop-outs cannot be used on city streets.

We do not permit parking requests for cast and crew personal vehicles.

Our permit does not override:

  • Street sweeping schedules
  • Commuter-restricted lanes
  • Bus lanes 
  • “No Stopping for Thru Traffic” (red) zones
  • Parklet locations
  • Driveways

If you park or shoot in an area permitted for street artist vendors, you may be fined $200 a day per artist for interrupting their business.

2. Indicate proposed parking locations on your permit application

Mark the box for “Parking Request” on your application location pages.

Include a diagram of your parking locations

The diagram should contain:

  • A map view of the street and surrounding streets (you can use a screenshot from Google Maps or something similar)
  • A directional indicator for North
  • An “X” or square where you want to park
  • The production name
  • Date and times of when you want to park
  • A contact number from the production, to be displayed on the “No stopping” postings

3. Hire an approved vendor to post your parking signs

You must use a City-approved contractor to post your signs. Once you confirm the contractor, we will send the approved maps and posting number directly to them. You will be copied on the email.

Approved posting vendors

Approved posting vendors
  • Jason Wong with No Stopping Zone (415-850-4863).
  • Rashod Edwards with R&R Traffic Solutions (510-689-8285).

Using your reserved parking

Street parking for film shoots must be posted 24 to 72 hours prior to the posting going into effect.

Display placards in the dashboards of your production vehicles with the production name and posting number.

If there is a vehicle in your reserved space, do your best to locate the vehicle’s owner.  If you have SFPD officers working on your production, they can help. We discourage towing.

We must approve any changes to the parking request.

Special cases

Using multiple parking spaces for multiple hours

Using multiple parking spaces for multiple hours

You must notify the neighborhood 72 hours before shooting, if you want to use 4 or more parking spaces for 4 or more hours.

Traffic control on Muni lines

Traffic control on Muni lines

If your filming area will impact Muni service on the street, an SFMTA inspector will be needed to do traffic control.

We can work with you to see if you need this.

Parking in residential neighborhoods

Parking in residential neighborhoods

For certain areas and large productions, you may be required to provide alternative parking for residents.

Parking on Port property

Parking on Port property

The Port will determine the parking fee. It is about $25 per day per stall or parking meter. There will also be an additional administrative fee if Port staff  have to post the “no parking” signs.

You must pay your Port parking fees separately and in person. Film SF will verify payment before issuing the film permit.

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Last updated March 7, 2024