Prevailing Wage for Non-Construction workers

Learn about the labor law that protects City non-construction workers.

San Francisco Labor and Employment Code (L.E.C.) Article 102, formerly known as, Chapter 21C of the San Francisco Administrative Code, requires that prevailing wage rates be paid for the types of work and workers below. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors sets the rates for these crafts and classifications each year by a Prevailing Wage Resolution, effective this year on January 19, 2024. For prevailing wage rates in effect prior to this date, contact OLSE.

Legal Authority

L.E.C. Art. 102.2 (21C.2)

L.E.C. Art. 102.3 (21C.3)

L.E.C. Art. 102.4 (21C.4)

L.E.C. Art. 102.5 (21C.5)

L.E.C. Art. 102.6 (21C.6)

L.E.C. Art 102.7 (21C.7)

L.E.C. Art. 102.8 (21C.8)

L.E.C. Art. 102.9 (21C.9)

L.E.C. Art. 102.10 (21C.10)

L.E.C. Art. 102.11 (21C.11)    


For information on how these prevailing wages are set, see L.E.C. Art. 102.1.

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Last updated April 9, 2024