Eligibility for MOHCD housing programs

MOHCD housing programs have income and household size requirements. Some units are for specific populations.

What to do

1. Check income level

Your household's total pre-tax (gross) income is used to determine your income and asset eligibility. Units offered in our programs are aimed at a wide range of income levels. There are also special calculations for income, depending on your situation.

Income eligibility requirements differ between properties. They are set by MOHCD and other funders. To check income and other eligibility requirements for housing opportunities, visit DAHLIA SF Housing Portal.

2. Match household size

Units of various sizes are available in our programs. We work to match household size with appropriate unit size. For instance, a 1-person household will not be considered for a 2- or 3-bedroom unit.

3. Check for specific population restrictions (for some units)

Depending on the unit, there may be certain audience restrictions. For example, we have units specifically for seniors or veterans.

Special cases

For homebuyers

For homebuyers

For those looking to buy a home through MOHCD programs, we also have more eligibility requirements before you apply.

Also read about homebuyer requirements before you apply.

For renters

For renters

View available listings and apply. You can also get help on your application.

Last updated November 17, 2022