About us

Office of the CIO

The Department of Technology is led by the City Chief Information Officer (CIO), who also advises the Mayor, Board of Supervisors and City departments regarding opportunities to leverage technology.

The CIO drives the Department of Technology's work in formulating a vision for Citywide coordination, promoting best practices, establishing unified standards, and both developing and implementing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plan.

Our mission and vision

The Department of Technology aims to provide innovative, reliable, and secure business solutions that support and empower City and County of San Francisco agencies and departments in their delivery of high-quality, people-centered government services.

We envision being a trusted leader and global example in providing innovative technology services and solutions to all City and County of San Francisco agencies, our residents, and people worldwide.

Inside DT

The Department of Technology spans a number of services, including infrastructure and operations, the Office of Cybersecurity, and even San Francisco Government TV (SFGovTV)!

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Our technology partners

Committee on Information Technology (COIT)
Working In concert with the San Francisco Department of Technology, COIT is a public facing organization that assesses, plans, and funds major technology efforts with a Citywide impact.

Digital Services
Digital Services is transforming how residents interact with the City by building services designed around the people that use them. This talented group uses technology to make it easier for people to get things done.


DT's Racial Equity Action Plan

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