2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan for the Department of Technology

January 1, 2023

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Strategic Goals

  1. SUPPORT & MAINTAIN CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE – We build efficient, economic, resilient and equity-based technology and simplify service portfolios while offering “choice” for the City’s diverse business needs.
  2. DELIVER EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – We deliver professional, friendly, proactive, and results based technology systems and support that enables employees to be productive in their digital workspace anywhere.
  3. STRIVE FOR INNOVATIVE DIGITAL ACCESS & EQUITY – We innovate business solutions and build city-wide enterprise level technology to transform communications and equitable service delivery.
  4. FOCUS ON OUTCOMES – We are flexible, responsive, results-oriented facilitators building and supporting efficient and effective technology for city operations and emergencies.
  5. STRENGTHEN & ADVANCE INTERNAL OPERATIONS – We take a city-wide perspective to provide technology governance and security through transparency, partnership, continuous process improvement, enterprise benefit and cost effectiveness.
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Our Mission

To provide innovative, reliable, and secure business solutions that support and empower CCSF agencies and departments in their delivery of high-quality government services for the public.

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Our Vision

We envision being a trusted leader and global example in providing innovative technology services and solutions to all CCSF agencies, and the people of San Francisco.

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Strategic Initiatives

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Transform City Technology Infrastructure

Enable City service by building high-performing sustainable technologies.

  • City Network Modernization - Upgrade and Install Next Gen Network for 50 Fire stations and 10 Police Stations and implement VoIP phone systems, Wi-Fi and hybrid cloud services for business applications.
  • Harden the city's data centers and support lead city departments in assessing and building rapid recovery capabilities for business systems during emergency events and disasters.
  • Replace legacy Avaya technology with new phone tech and cloud-based call centers for departments.
  • Transition business systems to secure and transparent cloud services to support organizational collaboration, workforce mobility, and cost effectiveness.
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Ensure Secure Services

Securely manage and protect assets, service and information with advanced cyber threat detection, response and recovery.

  • Assess and update DT's continuity of operations plan focusing on data center outage, cyber incident and infrastructure outage.
  • Strengthen cyber-attack preparedness through advanced, automated testing of safeguards of City’s defenses - external perimeter, network, data centers, and cloud.
  • Conduct Citywide cyber exercise with key depts., Mayor's Office, and external partners. Support cyber exercises within City depts. for resiliency plans and testing.
  • Accelerate adoption of zero-trust security architecture through use of phishing-proof MFA, device identity and user behavior analytics.
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Deliver High Quality, Equitable Services

Deliver high quality technology services to support citywide initiatives to improve core functions and processes as part of the City's Government Operations Recovery Initiative.

  • Implement the JUSTIS Data Center of Excellence to enable program evaluate and decision support for 8 justice agencies.
  • Promote strong security practices for City partners, CBOs and non-profit providers, through cyber assistance program and innovative contractual practices.
  • Expand enterprise level business applications and support HR modernization and contract administration with ServiceNow.
  • Innovate & pilot new business process automation tools and services to modernize telephone billing and establish an RPA platform for the future.
  • For public convenience and residents with disabilities, continue virtual public meetings for Board of Supervisors and City Commissions.
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Build a Digital City

Innovate with public and private sector partners to build a more Digital City.

  • Accelerate the Fiber to Housing program to bring free internet service to students, seniors, and underserved residents in over 7,500 units and complete Potrero.
  • Modernize legacy public Wi-Fi network management to improve security and user privacy, expand access and implement net-neutrality goals.
  • Deliver connectivity and resilient, redundant broadband internet to the Treasure Island Development Authority for the Ferry Landing and enable loT devices and services.
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