CleanPowerSF is San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation program administered by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). CleanPowerSF was created pursuant to state legislation that authorizes local governments to partner with their investor-owned utility (PG&E in San Francisco) to deliver cleaner energy to residents and businesses.

Public Utilities Commission

CleanPowerSF began serving customers in May 2016, giving residential and commercial electricity consumers in San Francisco the option to have more of their electricity supplied from clean, renewable sources—such as solar and wind—at competitive rates. When customers join CleanPowerSF’s service, they reduce the carbon footprint associated with their electricity service, support the growth of local renewable energy projects, and combat global climate change.

Customers are automatically enrolled in the Green service, and may elect to opt up to receive the SuperGreen service at any time after enrollment. By law, CleanPowerSF is an opt-out program, meaning eligible customers are automatically enrolled in the program.

The chart below shows the total number of active Green and SuperGreen services per quarter. CleanPowerSF aims to retain 95% of all eligible customers enrolled in the program. Among active customers, CleanPowerSF is also targeting a 5% adoption rate for its SuperGreen product.


The number of eligible and participating service is derived from regular reports provided by PG&E and verified by SFPUC staff.

  • Zip Codes are designated as green if 95% or more of households are enrolled in CleanPowerSF.
  • Zip Codes are designated as yellow if the percentage of households enrolled in CleanPowerSF is between 92% and 95%. 
  • Zip Codes are designated as red if less than 92% of households are enrolled in CleanPowerSF. 

View historical CleanPowerSF data.

Additional Information 

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