City Performance Unit

The City Performance Unit is made up of individuals committed to public service and includes analysts, facilitators, data experts and project managers.

Image of San Francisco City Hall from the plaza

Our Goals

  • Support City departments in making transparent, data-driven decisions.
  • Guide City departments in aligning programming with resources for greater efficiency and impact.
  • Provide City departments with the tools they need to innovate, test, and learn.

Who We Are

The City Performance team is part of the City Services Auditor (CSA) within the Controller’s Office. CSA’s mandate, shared with the Audits Division, is to monitor and improve the overall performance and efficiency of City Government. The City and County of San Francisco works to be a national leader in public service delivery and the City Performance team plays a key role in this effort.

The City Performance Unit strives for excellence while facilitating complex problem-solving. We seek to build an organizational culture of teamwork, inclusion, and innovation. We strive to build partnerships that bring staff and stakeholders together at varying levels of organizations within the City. Our team members come from different professional backgrounds and work collaboratively on projects and programs to improve local government. 

City Performance has approximately 38 staff members, dedicated funding through the CSA Charter provision, and the organizational setting of the Controller’s Office for analytical grounding and a central and independent viewpoint. With these resources, the team is uniquely positioned to help San Francisco’s government innovate, work across boundaries, and problem-solve. 

The City Performance team has a broad portfolio of analysis, design, implementation, and performance management projects to improve public services in San Francisco. We work with City departments across a range of subject areas, including transportation, public health, human services, homelessness, capital planning, and public safety. Our areas of work include data analysis and visualization, facilitation and inter-departmental collaboration, project management, process improvement, performance measurement and management, and contracting.

Performance of City Services


Last updated March 11, 2024