Complete a background check for EMT certification

To get certified as an EMT in San Francisco, get fingerprinted for a background check.

What to do

Find a Live Scan Services location near you

Find a Live Scan location near you.

Depending on where you go, you may have to make an appointment.

The cost of a background check varies.

Fill out the Live Scan Services form

Print a paper copy of the Live Scan Services form. We have already pre-filled the form with our required information. You must use the San Francisco EMS Agency form or your results will not be sent to the EMS Agency.

This form has detailed instructions for your Live Scan fingerprinting.

Before you go for your fingerprinting, follow the instructions on the form to finish filling out your information.

Get fingerprinted

When you go to the Live Scan Services location for your fingerprinting, take with you:

  • Your completed Request for Live Scan Services application
  • Your driver's license or other valid form of identification such as a passport or State DMV ID
  • The form of payment you will use

The technician will scan your fingerprints and submit your data. This normally takes less than five minutes.

Once completed, the results of your background check will be sent directly to our office. These results are valid for 12 months.

Keep your signed form

The technician will give you a signed and completed live scan form to include with your application.

Common Live Scan Errors

For Applicants:

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Information: 
    • Double-check all personal details on the application form, including name, date of birth, social security number, and aliases (if any). All information must match government issued photo ID submitted with application and provided to live scan technician.
  • Please note: 
    • Additional fees may be incurred if the live scan is incomplete or for repeat live scan submissions.

For Live Scan Technicians:

  • Incorrect Scan Transmission: 
    • Verify the fingerprint scans and applicant data are transmitted to the designated agency electronically. “Name only” FBI searches will not be accepted.
  • Poor Fingerprint Quality: 
    • Ensure proper technique is used to capture clear and complete fingerprints. Smudged, incomplete, or unclear prints may lead to submission being rejected.
  • Data Entry Errors: 
    • Carefully enter all applicant information into the live scan system. SSN must be entered and field not left blank –for EMT certification purposes, this field is mandatory.

Additional Tips:

  • Review instructions with the live scan provider or requesting agency beforehand.
  • If unsure about any information, clarify with the appropriate party before submission.
  • Keep a copy of your completed application, live scan form, and any receipts for future reference.

By following these tips and avoiding common errors, the live scan process can be completed efficiently for both applicants and technicians.

Last updated June 11, 2024