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Renew your certification as an EMT in San Francisco

Get your certification as an Emergency Medical Technician renewed.

Once approved, your certification in California, no matter if a new one or a renewal, is valid for 2 years. 

To make sure your certification does not lapse, apply for renewal at least 60 days in advance of the expiration date. You are eligible for renewal up to 6 months in advance of your expiration date.

See more info to help with applying for a renewal in San Francisco.


Complete refresher and continuing education training

As part of your application for renewal, you will have to:

  • Include when you completed your EMT refresher training and who provided it
  • List all your continuing education units

You must complete the required hours of continuing education units:

  • Valid and current certification license, or one lapsed less than 6 months: 24 course hours
  • Lapsed 6 months to 1 year: 36 course hours
  • Lapsed over 1 year: 48 course hours

If you are lapsed over 1 year, you must also provide proof of current National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) training.

Learn more about where to get approved training in San Francisco and California.

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Include official transcripts

Optional step

Your application must include the official transcript of college courses, if using as continuing education units.

You can attach the transcripts to your DocuSign application, mail, or bring them to our office.

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Gather digital or printed copies

As a part of  your application, you will also have to submit digital or printed copies of your:

For first time renewals only, you must also provide proof of naloxone, epinephrine, and glucometer training in the form of a continuing education certificate.

If you are applying by DocuSign, your digital copies must be in a PDF format.

For mailed or hand-delivered applications, submit printed copies with your application.

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Complete a background check

Optional step





You will have to be fingerprinted and pass a background check using Live Scan Services only if:

  • If you’re renewing through our office from an outside county
  • Your license has lapsed for 6 months or longer

If either of these are you, you must complete your background check for EMT certification renewal.

You do not have to do this step if you are certified through our office or if your certification has lapsed less than 6 months.

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Send payment


$148 or $200

If your certification is valid or lapsed less than 1 year, pay $148.

If your certification lapsed over 1 year or you are certified outside of San Francisco, pay $200.

Pay online.

Or send a check or money order made out to The City and County of San Francisco. Send it to:

EMS Agency
Attention: Certification
333 Valencia Street, Suite 210
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Submit your application

Once we get your application with all necessary attachments, Live Scan results, and payment, processing normally takes up to 14 calendar days.

If there are any delays, we will contact you.

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Last updated June 27, 2024