Close an underground storage tank

You need approval to temporarily or permanently close an underground storage tank that holds hazardous substances.

What to do

All single-walled Underground Storage Tanks must be permanently closed by December 31, 2025. Learn more in Senate Bill 445.

1. Contact us to apply

To get a permit to close your underground storage tank, contact us. We'll work with you on what you need to include in your permit application.

Environmental Health main line

Ask for Hazardous Materials and Waste.

2. Work with other agencies

To close your underground tank or system, you'll need approval from other agencies.

We will let you who to contact at the start of the process. You'll be guided through steps with those agencies to get their related permits.

Contact the following agencies to find out whether you need other permits to close your tank or system.

3. Schedule inspections

Once you meet all the permit requirements for closing your tank or system, you'll coordinate inspections with each City agency.

We'll set you up with a district inspector from the health department.

Get help


Environmental Health main line

Ask for Hazardous Materials and Waste

Last updated April 16, 2024