Sign rules in mixed use districts

Learn what types of signs you can put up in mixed use districts and what rules to follow.

There are general rules that apply to all signs in mixed use districts. There are also rules specific to the zoning district that the sign is located in.

General rules

The following signs and sign features are not allowed in mixed use districts:

  • General advertising signs
  • Roof signs
  • Signs on canopies
  • Wind signs

Your sign cannot have any moving parts (rotating, swinging) or animated lighting (flashing, blinking).

Identifying signs

Identifying signs tell only the name, address, and use of the property on which they are located. 

You may have 1 identifying sign per lot in a mixed use district.

  • Illumination: None, indirect, or direct
  • Area: Maximum of 20 square feet 
  • Height:
    • Wall or projecting: Mounted on first-story
    • Freestanding: 15 feet or lower

Identifying signs may be freestanding signs only if the building is recessed from the street property line. If a freestanding identifying sign is on the lot, freestanding business signs are not allowed.


Nameplates may be affixed to a building. Nameplates only state the name and occupation of persons using the space.

You may have 1 nameplate per noncommercial use.

  • Illumination: None or direct
  • Area: Maximum of 2 square feet

Temporary signs

Within mixed use districts, temporary signs for the sale, lease, construction, or alteration of a building are allowed. These signs must be removed immediately when the activity is completed.

  • Number of signs: 1 per building
  • Illumination:
    • Sale or lease sign: none or indirect
    • Persons or companies affiliated with construction or alteration: none
  • Area: Maximum of 50 square feet
  • Height: Cannot extend above the roofline
  • Projection: Cannot project past street property line

Rules in specific districts

Special Sign Districts

Some areas are located in Special Sign Districts. Use the property information map to find your building’s zoning district.

Email the Planning Information Center (PIC) at for more information.

Last updated May 19, 2022