Voters experiencing homelessness

You can register to vote by providing cross-streets if you do not have a fixed address.

Where to get a registration form

You can register to vote or update your voter record at You can also get a paper form at any voting site or library and most government offices.


Providing a residence

To register, put the place where you spend most of your time as your home address on the registration form. For example, you can put cross-streets, a local park, or your shelter. We will use this information to determine your voting districts and polling place.


Providing a mailing address

If you put a mailing address on your registration form, we will mail your ballot to that address. 


Voting options

We mail ballots to all local voters about a month before Election Day. You can return your ballot by mail using a postage-paid return envelope. You can also return your ballot in person.

If you cannot receive mail, you can pick up your voting materials at the City Hall Voting Center or vote in person.

Registration deadline

The voter registration deadline for the November 5 election is October 21. But this deadline is for online and mail applications. If you miss the deadline and want to vote in the next election, you can still do so in person at the City Hall Voting Center or a polling place.

Get help

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Last updated April 3, 2024