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Apply for a rebate for filming in SF

Get a refund of all city fees up to $600,000 through the Scene in San Francisco rebate program.

You can get a rebate for shooting feature films, TV series (episodes and pilots), web series, and documentaries. See more information about eligibility in Section 57.8 of the Administrative Code.

You can get a refund for:

  • All daily use fees paid to Film SF
  • Fees paid to other city departments for the use or rental of City property, buildings, equipment, or employees

Participating city departments include Port, SFPD, SFFD, SFMTA, Public Works, Treasure Island, and Recreation and Parks. Note that police refunds are limited to 4 officers, each for 12 hours per day they were hired.



Check if your production is eligible

More than half of principal photography must take place in SF, depending on your production budget:

  • Under $3 million, 55% of principal photography in SF
  • $3 million or more, 65% of principal photography in SF

Your production offices must be in SF.


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Register your production company as a business


$79.00 and up.

You must register your production company as a business in San Francisco to get a rebate.

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Make an effort to hire locals

To get a rebate, you also must make an effort to hire locals.

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Meet with Film SF


At least 45 days before principal photography begins.

Email us at to schedule a meeting. We will ask you about:

  • When and where you plan on filming
  • Project scope
  • Your production needs (like office production space and stages)
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Fill out and send in initial paperwork

After we determine your production is eligible, we will send you a letter of conditional eligibility.

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Send in pre-shoot paperwork


Before principal photography begins.

Let us know about final plans about your crew, production schedule, and budget.

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Send in final paperwork after your shoot


Within 45 days after principal photography ends.

Give us records of your actual shooting reports and expenditures.

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Get your refund


1 to 2 months.

We will mail a check to your production company address.

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Finish your project

Put in your end credits an acknowledgement that the production was filmed in the City & County of San Francisco using the “Scene in San Francisco” logo.

You can close out your business in San Francisco once you are done.

Keep any records of your rebate application for at least 3 years.

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Last updated October 28, 2022